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Liam is a Manchester-based writer and part of the core writing team of one of the UK’s most loved and long-running shows, Emmerdale. He also works in the world of comics, telling stories with both his original creations and world-famous established characters, such as Judge Dredd and his All-Age spin-off Cadet Dredd.

Liam’s all about telling human stories in the most high-concept of worlds.


Think of a job in Television and Liam’s likely done it.  That’s where he developed a keen understanding and appreciation of exactly what it takes to get an idea from page to the screen.

As Emmerdale’s Researcher, he worked on a number of award-winning stories including Ashley's Dementia, Aaron's Historical Abuse and Holly's Heroin Overdose.

After successfully seeing Ashley’s two-year dementia arc to a close, he was promoted to Script Editor, where he worked with Writers, Directors, Producers, Cast and Crew to develop hundreds of scripts over a three-year period.

In March 2020 (which was arguably terrible timing on his part),  Liam took a leap of faith into the world of full-time writing. Thankfully the risk paid off and now Liam’s racked up 24 episodes and counting for Emmerdale, has written a number of acclaimed comic strips, and is also working on a number of development projects.

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